Austin Community Steelband
KLRU’s “Arts in Context” short
Stay tuned for air date.

Amplify Assembly @ Austin Public
March 8, 2016   6:00p-9:00p
Come hear us 6:15p-7:05p

Austin Public Access
1143 Northwestern Ave, 78702

Recent Events

Trinidad’s Master Tuner
Tony Slater tunes our Steelpans
Jan. 14-19, 2016

4.Tony Slater (column 2 linked list)

Great party! See you next year!

5th Annual Calypso Poster

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Get with the beat! Join us.

Join Austin Community Steelband as a member, an individual supporter, partner, or sponsor. We are fortunate to have some of the world’s finest steelpan musician instructors and advisors and have attracted a diverse group of supporters, including ardent steelpan fans. We work both independently and in partnership with schools, charitable organizations, and public agencies to help hundreds of low-income kids direct their intelligence and talent toward more enriching and rewarding lives. Being a part of this experience is truly inspiring. . . .and fun.



Supporters & Sponsors

To Eve Tarlo, Billy Driver, Meg Seidel, and
Taylor Kondelis for their great work filming
us for KLRU’s Arts in Context short.

AIC_kids shoot

To Blackshear Fine Arts Academy
Steelband Kids, Principal Betty Jenkins,
and Volunteer Staff Teacher Maria Plata
Perez for  their participation in helping
to make the KLRU “Arts in Context”
filming happen!

To Junior League of Austin’s wonderful Calypso Boogie volunteers.

jr. league Volunteers CB-2015